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Have you ever wondered why Sami does not appear on signs, milk packages or on the internet? You are hereby invited to the Sami language week 2019. Join the language promise!

When: 19-25. October 2020 (week 43)

Where: The whole country

Who: Absolutely everyone is welcome to contribute and participate

What is Sami Language Week?

The goal of the Sami language week is to raise the status of the Sami languages, and to increase knowledge of Sami languages ​​and culture throughout the community. Just this week, the Sami languages ​​will be heard and spoken all over the place.

Sami Language Week is a collective volunteer work to highlight and increase knowledge of the Sami languages ​​throughout society. Private and public institutions, businesses, organizations and other actors are invited to make Sami languages ​​visible this week. Together, we take on a greater responsibility for the Sami languages ​​being heard, spoken and used in all areas of society.

Sami language week is part of the Sami Parliament’s long-term language initiative – the language promise, and is also the Sami Parliament’s main mark of the UN’s International Year of Indigenous Languages.

Why is Sami language week important?

Despite the stamp of extinction, the Sami languages ​​continue to exist. There is hope. There is a growing awareness among Sami about language and language choices, and more and more are choosing to attend courses to take back the language that generations before them lost. In areas where Sami has not been used for a generation or two, young adults are now taking Sami back and gently trying to pass it on to their children. A new generation of Sami speaking children is emerging.

The Norwegian society has also taken the Sami culture to itself, and Sami people throughout the country are experiencing greater acceptance for their culture and languages. The interest in Sami society is great, and the time for a common language devotion could not have been better.

How can you join?

What can you contribute? Get the menu at the local cafe translated into one of the Sami languages, arrange a language cafe or hang up the poster of Sami language cake in your window. Maybe you have other good ideas and want to join the Sami language week? Write to giellalokten@samediggi.noor contact your nearest Sami language centre!

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