There are several digital language tools such as spell check for both Windows and Mac, mobile keyboard with spell check for both Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad), dictionaries and much more. Check out Divvun’s page for more Sami language technology.

10/20 bágo

The Sámi Parliament has created the app called “10/20 bágo”, which can be installed on Android or iOS. On the app you can see, hear and read 10/20 words both in North, Lule and South Sámi. The app can be used in school and kindergarten, but of course also in your daily life.

The Sami Parliament has created two posters for the app, one with 10 words in North, Lule and South Sami and one with 20 words. The posters can be found here below.

10 words

20 words

Spell checker

You can download spelling tools for MS Office for Windows and Mac. It`s available for Northern, Lule and Southern Sámi.


You can download Sami keyboard for both mobile and computer. Read more here on how to download and use a mobile keyboard. Read more here on how to download and use a computer keyboard.